Pet Reunite For Pet Lovers

More than 20000 pets are reported missing worldwide in a day, and when found, there are no means to re-unite them with their owners.

Petreunite is a platform, that helps to connect strayed pets with their owners.

How It Works

Pet Owner? Get started in these simple steps!

Create Account

Create your one-time account. This will enable you gain access to the Pet control panel, where you add and manage pet info.

Sign In And Add Pet

After registration, sign in to the control panel, go to the "Add Pet" section to add your pet info, such as name and picture.

Generate Qrcode And Print Tag

INow you will be able to print out your Pet's system generated Qrcode, which you can attach to your pet's leash or bag.


Easily re-unite with your pet, by generating tag from here.

"My little Kikie strayed. Thanks to Pet Reunite, a stranger called home and said they found my Kikie. They scanned Kikie's tag and was able to get my contact."

- Antonela Gonzalez


"I stumbled upon Pet Reunite website, when I found a strayed pet. I noticed the QRCODE strapped to its leash, scanned it, and was bale to locate the owner. I came back and register my account."

Emilia Sounnes


"I was able to find my dog when she strayed. Thanks to this wonderful. The good samaritan called, and brought home my Manny. I recommend Pet-reunite to everyone."

Joshua Altman